About us

Physiofit is dedicated to supplying home fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports therapy equipment direct to the public, patient and professional.
Physiofit believes in an active approach to rehabilitation, fitness and a healthy life. The most important person in achieving these goals is you. At Physiofit we aim to give you the necessary tools and instructions to get you on your way to good health.

Word from the Managing Director

Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers

Nepal is experiencing a boom in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the past decade. The trend within the health sector in Nepal is certainly heading towards higher quality care with the newest hospitals priding themselves in being associated with reputed international health institutions emphasizing their commitment to quality care.

The rehabilitation and exercise equipment most hospitals and rehabilitation centers use today are still of low quality - low cost products and are limited to bulky electrotherapy, ultrasound, heat/cryotherapy and very basic exercise equipment. Exercise therapy is prime for rehabilitation and unfortunately Nepal simply does not offer the necessary equipment to fulfill these needs of the therapists and the patients. In my work as a practicing physiotherapist in Nepal, I have experienced an incredible surge in demand for better equipment and more engaging therapy.

The largest problem for acquiring high quality physiotherapy and exercise equipment has been that specialized physiotherapy equipment needs to be imported and comes with a high price tag. With Physiofit we are able to offer the Nepali market the same quality equipment that I personally use in my practice and are now trusted by my patients and collaborating hospitals & rehabilitation centers.

General Public & Patients

Nepal is counting more and more people working desk jobs and a high percentage of these people are conscious about living a healthy lifestyle (and in particular preventing back pain). Lots of people practice yoga, pilates and other forms of exercising to keep fit and prevent health problems. Physiofit supplies to the high demands of the general public & rehabilitating patients for easy-to-use and medically founded home exercise equipment that enhance fitness levels, facilitate posture correction, prevent injury, provide post-injury support and rehabilitation.

Advantage Over Our Competitors

The advantage Physiofit has to any other potential competitors is that all of its products are sold under recommendation of Kinesiology Physiotherapy with our customers receiving specialized information, advice and instructions. Kinesiology Physiotherapy has already gained a reputation with some of Nepal's most highly qualified and certified physiotherapists in service. The advantage of our 66fit brand of products is the affordability for high quality products.